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 Delta Light Tower

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Delta Light Tower Empty
PostSubject: Delta Light Tower   Delta Light Tower EmptyTue Oct 09, 2012 8:40 pm

Delta Light Tower Y1HsR

Delta Light Tower J6d5d

1. Cata spot: archer reduce chances of getting hit by archers. The bridges could save you and the cata from bombs by small about of chance.

2. Stair formation: Archer will hard a hard time to arrow jump. Good for spot that doesn't have much trees.

3. Spike: prevent some jumper that could slash you.

4. Stone: Slow down diggers and support the spike.

5. Archer won't have that much chance of a perfect arrow jump to get over.

+620 Stones (can be reduce if use less backgrounds)
+800 Woods (can be reduce if only use 2 doors on each floors).

Tips: Build this tower after the game start, you will get a ton of coins =D

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Delta Light Tower
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